I thought of you once before.

Those big fruitful lips that give me a taste of sensation when it meets mine.

The glow of your skin. Sun-kissed.

The warm inner being of your soul glistening…

Soft words you speak that creates intense goosebumps.

The good kind.

Those beautiful eyes that glow even in the darkest of night.

Your sweet yet fresh aura…


From the top of my head to the soles of my feet that leave me on cloud nine.

I often wondered if I would ever meet the one that sweeps me off of my feet.

Keeps my mind in an endless bind with self-less thoughts of… you.

Creates “self-less” in a way that’s new.


I often wondered if you exist or if this thought is surreal.

Constantly day-dreaming because this is what helps me restore

The piece of me that’s empty…

I thought of you once before.

-C.Johnson ’17


via Daily Prompt: Surreal

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